2D/3D plan

For a perfect understanding of the place according to your needs!

The 2D mapping with nomenclature and scale allows you to view the space plan with measurements. Ideal for observing all the spaces and planning their layout. The modeling transforms the mapped plan into 3D. This original view allows to integrate the vision of volumes from all angles while taking live measurements.

Integrated options in 2D/3D plans

Adaptation of your graphic charter

We adapt your graphic charter by using it in your communication tools.

Space metering

Give your customers precision by offering them plans with quality measurements.

Language of your choice

Communicate in your user’s language for better understanding.

Summary of surface areas per floor

Synthesize information for ease of understanding.

Our example

We scanned a whole hotel in order to edit the plans for a global renovation


3D/BIM survey

Options dedicated to architects

Thanks to Leica’s technology coupled with Matterport’s, we develop fast and affordable solutions for the architectural industry! Save time with our 3D surveys!

Usefulness of the 3D/BIM survey

BIM Model

We can propose you a BIM model, resulting from our scan in order to be able to work with the principal software of professional drawing.

Save time

You want to renovate or do some work? With our BIM files, you save time and money.

Identity card

We can keep track of changes in real time and guarantee the safety or condition of your building.

BIM and the future

By 2025, BIM will be democratized for all new constructions. Every new construction will have its digital twin.

Our example


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